Is There A Way To show A Popup With A List Inside Of It?


I’m trying to show something that is like an Alert, but doesn’t have the positive, neutral, negative functions.

It would simply be a list of 6-7 options to select from.

Once the user selects an option, a page variable or device variable would be created.



Good question. You won’t use an alert for that. Alerts aren’t prepared for dynamic elements like lists/tables. This is a little out of the realm for Dropsource in the app customization area.

You might be able to tinker and get creative though. Maybe you could use a pickerview and hide the pickerview until you want to display it instead maybe?


What is a pickerview?

I don’t see it on the left hand side.


Pickerviews are and iOS element. Sorry for the confusion. Maybe hiding a drop down menu could do it for you?