iPhone App Won't Build


iPhone apps have not been able to build to a physical phone for about 2 weeks now. Any updates? @wade


Hi @chris,
A number of us have been having this issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was platform wide. The common response is that “engineering are looking into it”. As the issue is easily replicated, i would say that the cause has been identified but all resources are working on the flutter platform update and therefore the lack of support is the first step in deprecating the current platform. Happy to be proven wrong @wade.


Yes, this is system wide. We are working on solving it. I don’t have the in depth nitty gritty details of the issue but I know we’re indeed working on solving the error with our Builder for device builds.

I don’t have an update yet to share but as I receive more information, I will share it out.

We’re a small team working very hard and will get this cleared up so you can continue to test and deploy your device apps. Thanks for your patience while we work through this. More info will come.