iOS Splash Screen Resolution


The Dropsource docs suggest to check Apple official launch screen settings, but on that page, it suggests NOT to use a static image, and to use XCODE instead.

“It’s best to use an Xcode storyboard for your launch screen. If you must provide a set of static images, create them in different sizes for different devices, and be sure to include the status bar region.”

Is there a way to use a dynamic image?

Failing that, is there a way to import different size static images as they suggest?


Good question Justin. This is a weak area for Dropsource. In Xcode and Android Studio you are able to upload different resolution and let the OS decide based on device size. We don’t offer that type of compatibility in Dropsource. You get 1 image for all devices.


@wade is it possible to add them into the Dropsource app via XCode after downloading the source code?


Probably. Try it out.