Invisible Choice on the Dialogue box for managing events



You may need to check on the dialogue box for managing events. Whenever you have a long list of choice the last item is hidden by the horizontal scroll bar. It took me an hour to figure our why i couldn’t see a choice from the list on the column on the right just below “Type”.


Hi @TimNjeru, can I ask what browser/os you’re on?


I am using Firefox on Windows 10.


OK, we are primarily optimized for Chrome browser but I’ll pass this on to the team.


This is likely to be an issue with Windows. I’ve noticed that Windows likes to display scrollbars everywhere on web apps, where macOS only shows the scrollbars when you actually start scrolling.

Then again, if it ends up being Firefox specific, that’d be something I learned today!


I guess you are right, @andrew, it could be a Windows thing. See below results when tested on Chrome. Not perfect by better.


Cheers @andrew!

@TimNjeru I’ve passed this on to our development team and they’re looking into it, including whether it affects other browsers on Windows.


Thanks for the extra info @TimNjeru, passing it on as well.