Installing on an Android Device


Hi, I am trying to install my mobile App on my actual android device ( builded on bubble) using this documentation

but my problem comes after opening the email on my android device downloading it but can’t install the app
in the screen shot you can see it downloaded in .plist format

and it gave me error

after that i changed the format to APK but it still gave me an error

what I am doing wrong ?!
Thanks in advance


Hi Vako, I find the download and install actions occur 1 right after the other and am never presented a screen like this in your 1st screenshot. Do you have an updated version of Android on your device maybe?


I made a stupid mistake it was an IOS link
its not related to this topic but have a quick question, after Dropsource regulations i need to launch the app by myself right ?!


Correct. You can find a deployment Guide to assist you at That will get you most of the way there if not the entire way there.


Thanks and you can delete this post