Images Disappearing


I’m experiencing images I’m adding to my UI are randomly disappearing, then I have to replace them with another image.


That’s a unique 1 there @Chris. Can you go into more detail and show me how to recreate the issue and share a build Id so I can take a closer look please?


It’s so arbitrary Wade, I can’t. Its just times I add an image, then click on it, and it disappears. Then I have to add another image. If I gave you a build, you could click on images and nothing may happen.


Are you referring to the area of the editor where you upload images? What do you mean when you say “I add an image, then I click on it, and it disappears”?


Not exactly, but lets say I used this image you uploaded as an image for a button. Then I click on that button and your image would disappear in the editor but the button would still be there.


Hi Chris,

I tested this out on my end and didn’t notice it. You did say it happens here and there. I’m not sure why off the top of my head. Are you seeing this on iOS or Android or both?


As I said, it happens arbitrarily, but I’m not really concerned with that right now. I really need feedback on the PayPal issue. We cannot launch until that piece is working. Any word on what’s the issue?


Understood. As for the PayPal issue, I replied on that post. We’re working on it internally. I do not have additional info yet but as will report back as soon as I do.