How to zoom in an image when showing in the screen?


Hi Dropsource people, this is my first time posting here, I have been using the forum for the last couple of weeks and has been really helpful.
Just to let you know, I have a web app built on bubble, I have been developing it since 2016, always improving, it is for a small insurance company in Colombia, we manage around 1500 clients, now I am building an ios app with Dropsource and bubble as backend, for now I am following the tutorials on how to build a photo app and how to connect to a bubble API. So far so good, I have been able to show the information and images for each clients, still need some touches but is working flawless.

The question for this topic is, how I am able to zoom in an image when showing in the screen (like photo from the photo-saver-app when showing it), could be pinch and zoom or another method, I need this because the most of the images are from scanned documents, where we need to be able to read some information, and showing an image full screen it is not 100% perfect, you usually need to zoom in to read the text.

That is for now.

Thank you guys.


Hello @caeroa

Thanks for explaining the use case here as well. It helps to understand the context of your needs. In our current implementation, we don’t have pinch to zoom or panning actions available. I can see how this would certainly be useful in your case. If we were to integrate this available functionality, it could be something of a paid Professional Service request.

Would you like to talk more what something like that might look for you? If so, would you share your email with me and I’ll make the proper introduction for you within Dropsource to explore this option more?


Hey @wade , thank you so much for this. I will PM my email.


Actually. I have something. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it. ImageView’s have a Zoom Enabled checkbox in their options in the right pane. What if you set it up so that when tapping an image you bring it up in a page or “unhide” a full screen imageview element to show it. You could check the “zoom enabled” option for that element and I believe that will give you the capability to zoom and pan for that 1 image so you can look deeper in to the image.

Would that work?


Hey @wade, thank for your reply.

But i can not find the ImageView Zoom Enabled checkbox in their options, take a look.

Am I doing something wrong?


I see it too. It’s an Android only feature actually. I will send you a private message here based on what we were talking about above.


Hola @caeroa
Una solución alterna, puede ser abrir la imagen desde un webview. Este como tal; tiene la propiedad de pinch.

Pd. Como mencionas que sos de colombia decidí ponerle un poco de español al foro, :sunglasses:



Hola @gpremper , si muchas gracias , eso fe exactamente lo que hice, para poder hacerle zoom y también utilice open we page para poder compartir, lo había respondido en otro “hilo” Native share button on IOS and Andriod

Muchas gracias.