How to use Onesignal


I am trying to get my users push notified on certain events. I am using Dropsource with bubble as the backend. I set up my onesignal account and also the onesignal plugin with all the keys on bubble. This is a newbie question. I think when my users signup for my app, I should also sign them up for onesignal to get them a playerid and then I should use this player id to later send them push notifications. Is there a complete documentation that shows this for a native app involving dropsource bubble and onesignal.



That’s a good question. We don’t have a full integration guide for integrating OneSignal with Bubble. We only have our OneSignal integration guide at

You might find the Bubble side of this in Bubble’s docs and perhaps can put both sides of this together in that fashion? I know 1 of our local Dropsource/Bubble experts is @seanhoots. Sandy have you handled this handshake before in your workflows?


I gave some overview on setting up onesignal in this post


Thank you very much for bringing that forward.


Thank you I will try this.