How to use appcompatbutton


Hai @wade

I tried yesterday but it didn’t work. how to use appcompatbutton? the result is always my app crashes. I want when the button is clicked like there is an effect.
I hope you are excited to provide support for us


Hello @Mieyaa. I haven’t tried this out before. Could you supply a Build ID and instruction on where you’re setting this up in the app? I can see why the build id failing and we can work from there.


unfortunately, I deleted the page variable that contained appcompatbutton. I did not find complete documentation on how to use android data type. can you add it? thanks @wade


I see. Unfortunately, we’re paused on active development while we’re building out the next version of Dropsource. But the next version of Dropsource equates for greater extensibility so I imagine a feature like this is accessible then. Keep an eye on the forum. When we are ready to unveil the next version of Dropsource, this is where you’ll hear all about it. We’re very excited for this.


I’m waiting for the next generation DropSource… God Bless Dropsource


We’re all really stoked for it too and stoked that you’re stoked. The stoke is everywhere. HAHA. We’ll drop more information in here when we have another update.