How to test android app from source code on android studio



I hired a developer from guru to convert a website to an android app which worked already. I have two websites, a com is for different language that was converted into an android app and b com is for English language which is not converted into an app yet. the App developer sent me the code for a com. He said and b com are the same so I just need to replace a to He refused any more support.

He sent me a zip file with all files and images on it. I unzipped it and open it from Android studio. I followed your instruction here:
But I don’t see button to run or test on my screen.

I already changed a com to b com on the file. But I don’t know how to test on android studio. I attached a screenshot. The play button greyed out.

I am using Android studio. Can you show me what else I need to change to make it work? a com and b com are exactly the same only different in language. They share the same database.



Hello @tadisaus2, I’m not sure but I think you’re going to get a more solid response on this topic at a place where Android code is questioned. Try You’ll find an answer to that question there I’m sure of it.