How To Prevent Date In The Past From Being Selected?


Is there a way to set a minimum date (either today’s date, or by reference to another Date page/device variable) on both Android and IOS?


This would be handy but we don’t have a good means implemented into the platform. You could verify the the selected time is in the future to the current time for instance and then produce an error to have them try again before moving them forward in the workflow but yea, it would be handy to have a nice little feature to simply not let the picker choose an older date. We just don’t have that implemented yet so you’d have to build out some manual logic to check and then have them retry picking before moving forward.


What I did was try and use an if… else statement to check if a Date < Current date but it doesn’t give me the option it seems:

How would I verify using some manual logic that the date is not in the past without an if else?


Solved this one.

I wasn’t looking in the correct spot in the if… else setup.


Fantastic Troubleshooting and inventive approach!