How to post to Bubble API from multiple pages



I am very new to dropsource and bubble. I have created an api on bubble and followed all the instructions to connect. I can also see that I am able to connect when i look at the activity log. My droupsource UI has two pages , one to collect some basic user signup information and a next page to collect location information. My API on bubble requires all input values from the 2 pages. I do not know how I can set this up in Dropsource.

Looks like I can call the request API from page #1 but when i do that I miss the details from page #2 and my api on bubble complains. When I call the request API from page #2, I miss the values form page #1 and bubble api complains again.

How can I get values on the various elements on page #1 onto page #2 so that when I make an api call on page #2, I would have the complete values and my api on bubble does not complain.

Thank you for your help


I’m surprised that your bubble API endpoints isn’t working when you don’t provide all fields.
It should work with any number of fields supplied.

Anyway if you want to collect all the field values on one page you pass the values from page 1 to page 2.
Define the page 1 variables in page 2 and set them as required during navigation.
Then on the Go to page action on page 1,you can supply the values from the page 1 elements to the page variables you defined in page 2.
This way you now have all the values from page 1 as page variables in page 2. You can now make your api call with all the values from page 2 and those passed to page 2 from 1.

Again you should be able to make bubble api calls by supplying only a subset of the fields.

In this your situation though I will suggest passing the values from page 1 to page 2 as I’ve suggested above so you make only a single API call instead of 2.


Excellent explanation!


Thank you for the guidance. I will check this and report back


@rkresnadi read this thread for passing variables from page to page.
I only explain how to do it for two pages but you can extend it to more pages.
On page 2 you can send all thr page two variables and those from page 1 to a page 3.
When you return back to a page the variables are still there.

If there are several pages that needs to be sharing the data then you may consider making them as device variables.
But note that deuce variables are stored on device as name suggests and persist even if app closes