How To Hide Activity Indicator On Image Load On iOS?


I’m building an iOS version and I have an activity indicator on the page until the image loads into an image view.

On Android I am able to set ‘On Success’ and ‘On Failure’ values, but on iOS I don’t see these options:


Is there a workaround for this on iOS to have the activity indicator hide when the image is loaded?


You currently don’t have that ability on iOS but I agree that would be handy as well.

What you can do is in your design, try placing your activity indicator behind the ImageView on your page… then delete the placeholder image so it shows through, then when your image loads, it will basically hide the indicator I think.

It’s a hack but probably a way to get around this inability to trigger actions based on image loads in iOS

Photo is an imageview on top of a activity indicator and I removed the default placeholder image from the view which apparently makes it transparent until an image is loaded