How To Have Full Text Show?



I’m trying to have a lengthy portion of text show in the app in the terms of use section (5000-10,000 pixels total length).

I’m using a text view inside of a dynamic list.

Is there a way to have the view extend based on the length of the content within it so that every line is shown?

Right now i have it set to 100,000 lines of text, but my text is shorter than that… and I constrain the text view using a fixed 20px margin off the bottom of the containing dynamic list type element. The containing dynamic list tile is currently set to 7000px.

I just want the text to push down the page based on the amount of lines it requires to show everything.

I’m concerned that a different device size will cause the text to be cut or will cause a massive blank spot below the text if the screen size gets far wider, such as on an iPad.


Hi @justincrabbe, we don’t currently provide a way to dynamically resize elements, but this is a known feature request we hope to implement in future. In the meantime your text should be able to scroll in text views so it’s at least accessible to the user.


To add on to Sue’s point here. You might want to consider your design here too. We don’t dynamically resize elements so the need to use the scrolling feature of that textview comes into play. With that known, placing it in a dynamic element is a bad idea since you then have a scrolling element inside a scrolling element. I might rethink the design and have the textview on its own and not nested in a dynamic element so that when you’re scrolling, everything works fine.