How to get Authentication fields from API



I have a user login API defined in bubble. I am able to use the get call to get all the fields but I am not able to get the field -email. When I look at logs while debugging I see that email field is being returned but it is returned as authentication list. I do not see email or authentication lists when I am trying to bind the page elements. I am seeing rest of the fields.

How can I get the email string into one of the page elements.



I would check your Swagger file to see how you’ve got it setup to expect Responses for this API Request. When you say the field isn’t in the list of things that can be bound to, it makes me think it’s because Dropsource doesn’t know to, and that leads me to think of issues with the Swagger API Spec file in this situation.


@ssksubash this is actually a bug in bubble’s swagger. It’s supposed to expose the email field but doesn’t.

I filed a bug report to Bubble and they’ve confirmed that it’s truly a bug and are fixing it.
Will let you know when they notify me of the fix.


Thanks for sharing @seanhoots… That’s good to know.


Thank you. For now I am thinking of storing email in one additional attribute and trying to maintain sync between the two until the bug gets fixed.


That sounds like a potential workaround like you said.