How To Collect Stripe Credit Card via Bubble / Dropsource Web View?


I see that @seanhoots has hacked a cool way to charge a user.

But is there a way to use the same process to collect a users cc through a webview and bubble?

Right now I have a web view load a Bubble page that has an action on-page-load to collect the users cc information but when i get to the page when testing on the dropsource mobile app nothing pops up for me.


@justincrabbe Good Question. There isn’t a way to pull data into your native app from your webview. This is a limitation to the functionality of using webviews inside of native apps. Think of a webview as it’s own little container inside your app. The app can’t see into the webview and can’t ask for any information from it in this regard. What would need to occur is that if you need to get the info from the webview, it 1st needs to be sent to your Bubble backend. and then a separate native API call can be sent to request the data from Bubble.