How to Check Internet Connection?


My App is 100% online, and it may become a bit unstable if users are able to browse it without internet connection.

I’d like to send all users to a page so they can’t browse through the app until they connect to a network.

How can I make this possible in Dropsource?


Hey Sergio, we don’t currently provide the ability to check for an internet connection so will move this to feature requests!


Great, thanks! :clap:


Is it possible now? I wanted to display message if a user tries to use my app without internet. Not sure how to do this. I think that in order to submit app to apple store, you need this message.


Hi Sue,

I’d like to support this feature request as well. My app will have zero functionality without internet.

Given how dependent Dropsource is on APIs to build something meaningful it would make sense that we can tell the user they need to connect to the internet to use the app, or that it is not working because they don’t have an internet connection – to ease frustration.

@Undervane in the meantime I suggest a manual pop up somewhere that tells your users about it. Or did you find another work around?


Hi guys, just to let you know the engineering team is actually currently working on offline functionality which would go beyond just checking for connection status and actually provide measures to store data locally and ultimately allow your apps to function when the user is offline. It’s still at the exploration stage because this requires a pretty fundamental adjustment to how the platform works with data but hopefully you’ll see that in a future release not too far away.


@sue Great news! Looking forward to it.


Hi @sue, is there an updated timeline on this feature? Would be massively important for my app.



Hi @greg_mosley, the team is actually currently working on offline functionality we hope to release within the next couple of months…!