How to check for crashes


I am using google autocomplete api call and I have no issues with it when I test in the webbrouwser but as soon as I test with on a android phone, the app crashes when trying to use the api on the location screen. How can we check the logs to find out where and why it is crashing.


Hello @ssksubash, if the error panel and network event logs aren’t giving good info, downloading the source code and running in Android Studio is the next best thing to do. That’s how we uncover the errors as well on our side and it’s these errors that help us find issues and supply the community with more information it he error panel and network activity log any times that the same error occurs in the future. This is a living document, this error panel concept. If there’s less than optimal info provided in Dropsource, it’s possible that you’ve encountered an error in a unique context and we haven’t provided info for that specific way it was surfaced