How to bind Array of arrays



I have a bubble api that returns a list of offers where offer is a data type with multiple fields. When I make the api call I am able to see that bubble is returning a list of offers and I also can see that all fields in the offer are being returned. How can we bind a list of lists in Dropsource.



We’re not able to handle an array of arrays yet in Dropsource. You will need to work with 1 array at a time and we have an Iterate through Array action that can be used on it.

This is something the engineers have spoke about and we would like to work on adding into more robust functionalities down the road however. It’s not currently on the roadmap however but I have it in the feature tracker and will make note of your request.


@wade I may be little confused here. In the autofill example [Tips and Tricks] Autocomplete search box dropdown

Google returns an array of all the addresses where each object in the array is also another array of type address with various attributes. How are we able to display the entire set of addresses in that example.