How do i "Lock" a web view?


Hey, i’m not sure if this is an easy setting on Dropsource, i’m not sure which one it is.

But when i hold my finger on the screen (inside my app), and move around, the web view is also moving around.

So my question is:

Is it possible to lock the web view, so it looks more like an app?

  • Nicklas


Hi Nicklas, you’re talking about the content of the web view moving around right? I believe you would need to use the html/css at your website end to make that fill the page on mobile.


Oh okay, i have tried to google it, but i can’t find anything, i’m not even sure what to google.
Do you know where i can find it?

  • Thanks


I’m not sure. Did you use a different platform like Bubble to develop it? Is this web content you created that you are pointing your webview to? If not, you might be limited in your ability to manipulate it here.


Yeah it’s build in Bubble. It just looks like that the web view is moving around, it doesn’t look like something i can fix outside Dropsource, but i’m not sure