How can I convert numbers to currency format


I want to show my numbers in money format and separate digits like the example below:

1000 -----> 1,000

10000 -----> 10,000

100000 -----> 100,000

1000000 -----> 1,000,000


but I don’t know applying at dropsource. @wade


It’s possible @wade ?


@chris or @seanhoots By chance do you convert numbers to currency looking strings?

I can’t think of an intuitive way to do this like adding comments from within Dropsource depending on value.

@Mieyaa I think this is something you’d have to do on the server side and pass a String representing the amount to Dropsource to display properly.


can you give advice. like what I have to do on server. @wade @seanhoots


I’m not sure on the server side. If you use a 3rd party service like Bubble for your server, their forum might have more insight. If it’s your own server, you might have to Google it.

Sorry I’m not more help on server side operations.


Me personally, I would do this on the server side, because the native functions will give you the ability to do this much easier, but it will be another API call. But I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to do this on the client (in Dropsource). If I’m missing something, maybe @seanhoots can chime in.


I haven’t tried this but i think it will be difficult to do this currently in dropsource.
You can do this in your backend and how you do it will depend on your backend.
If you’re using bubble you can use the :formated as (not 100% sure if this is server side function though)

But this is something that dropsource needs to implement. This is a display issue and dropsource is for UI stuff.
I don’t see why number formatting has to be done at the backend.
Please @wade add this feature request - Ability to format text to say currency format, etc.


thanks @seanhoots and @wade I will try the advice you give


I’ve added it. It would be handy. Thank you for all your expert knowledge and feedback!