Horizontal Scroll View


can I use dynamic list elements for Horizontal Scroll View. so my image display is horizontal.
how to do it ?


Hi @Mieyaa, I’ve never done it myself but feel free to tinker and experiment to see if you can work a solution out that suits your specific needs.


is it possible to use dynamic list together with horizontal scroll view?
I have tried it but it can’t be done as I expected, horizontal scroll view.


I believe you’re going to find issues nesting a dynamic element (list) in a static element (scrollview) but feel free to experiment. I think that has created complicated issues in the past and still will though. Dropsource’s backside code will begin to breakdown when UI’s become more complex in nature with nesting of dynamic elements. Maybe think of the UI and the user experience in a way that allows for a more simplistic approach for now? As the new version of Dropsource comes out, there will be a better connection from the user perspective for visual editing and the meetup of the code for manual manipulations as well and I believe this is going to aid in the understanding and building of more complex app UI’s


I was not able to use horizontal scroll view for dynamic data. Maybe in the future DropSource will support horizontal view dynamic data.


In the future (next version of Dropsource under development now), access to nested elements and the ability to build more custom layouts will be more intuitive as we bring the backside code closer to our front side visual editor. This is going to help in these areas immensely where a no-code only solution falls apart. Basic building will remain and the ability to make unique tweaks for more custom designs will be available to your side as well. For now, I recommend keeping it simple but when the next version of Dropsource releases, you’ll see the ability to make more custom layouts.