HLS Video Support


A very common way of streaming video to players is HLS which dropsource to my knowledge doesn’t support. Most video cdns such a https://mux.com only offer HLS. It would extremely helpful for dropsource to either add a HLS URL video player as an element or to add an action preferably the former.

A lot of people have requested/used YouTube as a way to host their videos but by adding this you get a much better solution that is actually deisgned for this very thing. Not only would it make using video in dropsource super affordable to scale but also allow users to use already established systems that they already use.

This should also open a way for live video to be streamed to dropsource apps.


YouTube Video Embed

Hi Mackenly,

You’re right about all points. I will make note of this for the feature request involving adding a embedded video player that can play from URL in the HLS codec.