Help! Need to add an URL but cant make it work


Hi All
I’m new and this site looks pretty straight forward
but as i’m trying to create my new app, i cant make it work if i want to create a button that open a browser and share a google calendar

also when i select action the right box is empty and wont let me select anything

So far i create the button, went to events>tapped>open a web page
but i can get the action to show the empty space to type the URL
and cant find help on any documentation, since i’m doing what it says but no improvement

please help


Hello @ctejadapty,

Thanks for reaching out to the community. Are you trying this on iOS or Android? Also, could you attach a couple screenshots to a reply here so I understand the full context of what’s occurring? I can test on my side or flag anything I see that’s an issue.

Thanks and welcome to Dropsource.


Also, another Post question just came in that might give insight to you for trying another way to do with with a webview on the page already and using a Set Value action to set the url of that page as well. This might actually be what you’re trying to accomplish. Have a look