Google Cloud's Cloud Vision AI


Has anyone used Google’s Cloud Vision API for creating image tags? Seems like it would work in dropsurce and has a generous free plan for testing/small projects.


I haven’t used it but it’s interesting. Would you follow up with your findings. It’s a pretty niche integration but if it is lightweight in implementation or can be integrated with the current offering in a creative way, this is certainly an interesting addition to the suite of tools that work with Dropsource.


Sure, but no 100% sure I’ll even try it.


Wow it looks great, I will try it. But, I am using the managed google cloud server which is powered by Cloudways instead of using the conventional GCE server. So, will the Google’s Cloud Vision API works fine with the managed GCE server or not.?


You can find more information on Google’s website here:
I never got around to trying it out in dropsource.


I love how resourceful our developer community is here. If you do take it on and find a fit with Dropsource, I’d love to know what you came up with so feel free to share your results and actions here.