"Get OneSignal Subscription Status" not working properly(need help)


I have to tap the ‘Button’ 2 times to run events that include ‘Get OSS Status’ and ‘set value’ in order to make the device ID from OneSignal stored in a device variable.

By tapping the button, I successfully subscribed my device to OneSignal. But when I check its existance by set its value to text element (including storing in Bubble). Nothing shows up.

However, I need to tap that button 2 times in a row in order to make my text element appear with Device ID.
It means that tapping only 1 times will not store device ID in my device variable.
However, users are supposed to tap just 1 time let’s say, Sign Up button so that I can send this ID along with other of their data. But to tap 2 times, it is unusual.


Hi @ihfdai, I have asked our developers for input on this re your support request, will update when I have any helpful info.


@sue thanks so much!


I too seem to be seeing issues with this on iOS.

  1. I set push notifications to Enabled in Settings

  2. On app load (the login/landing page) I check to see if the device variable “One Signal Player ID is Empty” if yes, I request permissions - but it never pops up and asks me even though the device variable should be clear based on an uninstall+re-install… ?

I check to see if the device variable containing the player ID is empty so that I can verify if the persmission was granted or not.

If granted, a lifecycle event is created that once the permission is granted gets onesignal subscription state + saves the response (user_ID) as a device variable. This is the only way on iOS that i can seem to “check” whether the device/installation has given the permission to send notifications yet. I just can’t get to that section even because the pop up asking for permissions won’t pop up.


Does it make a difference if you try it in the “Page Appeared” lifecycle event for the page?

Maybe it’s not clear based on the uninstall/reinstall? Are you deleting the app completely from your device or overwriting it with a new device build?

Have you tried sending it a notification even if the authorization screen doesn’t appear. Makes me wonder if it doesn’t need to appear because the setting is set. (check in phones settings under notifications for your app. It the app isn’t in the notifications options, it’s not set. But if it’s there, a decision has been made I believe.


Yes fresh uninstall and re-install and no pop up appears when the Device Variable is empty…

I see that when you check the ‘push notifications on’ in Settings, simply opening the app and not touching it or logging in creates a user ID inside of OneSignal.

Inside OneSignal it says ‘never prompted’ so i can’t send a notification to the device. Prompt just won’t pop up for some reason on the device that will allow the user to change the permission.

Have also checked the app settings and authorizations and it’s not there because it was never prompted.

Tried on the ‘page appeared’ as well and still nothing pops up asking for permission.


Can you pass your current Build ID so I can take a closer look at your current progress please?


Thanks @wade this is a wierd one.

Have a look here - Build ID: 1172495040478160835

@wade it should pop up at the login page. the landing page.


Justin… I checked your most recent build (1173515777110916219) and see that you changed the lifecycle event and order of logic and it appears to ask for permission now when opening up the app.


Yeah we anticipated no solution to getting it to check whether a device variable is empty first, and then pop up the notification question…

So we just today cleaned it up and on page load ask for permission regardless.

We understand that things aren’t going to work perfectly here. We’re hopeful that the new version of DS will come with more features to check permissions and such.

All seems to be good now and we’re (finally) in final testing.

Thanks for helping out and taking a look. I was going to ping you to this effect above but you beat me too it. :wink:


You’re going to have a more transparent and extendable experience in the new DS which is certainly going to help create experiences you’re looking to employ in your apps. Looking forward to our unveiling. No date in stone yet but the engineers are indeed super heads down in the code building this out and the overall vibe is a lot of excitement and expectation.

Thanks for your continued support and communication here. I hope we’re moving forward despite hitting shortcomings in the current Dropsource product.