Filtering dynamic table using api array filter ( like in the tutorial)



How do i apply this filter for the dynamic table??
So far I am only able to achieve it on the map, using if else statement and adding pins to map.
I tried to add the command of begin updating table view, refresh table etc after the add pin to map function. but those dont seem to work.

I have a bubble backend, so I use bubble constraints for other filters.
Is there a way to achieve filtering based on iterating through an array?

The thing I am trying to achieve is: whenever my api runs, (get/obj/events), it creates a location object based of all the events location and substracts it from the current location and that value if less than eg. 100 miles from current location: dropsource should give only the events whose distance is less than 100 miles from current user.

Please do advice. @seanhoots
Thank you so much.
and Merry christmas to everyone.

#2 Did this thread work out the same issue here? It sounds very similar but I want to be sure… Steps for uploading an image to Bubble backend( In short)


@wade Actually I was trying to achieve the geographic constraint and seanhoots helped with a different approach.