Feature Request: Increase Timeout Time To Parse API Swaggar URL


If the swaggar url doesn’t load within about 3 seconds we get this error:


Initially I could re-ping it 2-3 times and it would work on one of those times as the server would respond quick enough…

But as the swaggar has grown, it’s taking more time to respond back from the server, and now I can’t import a swaggar by URL anymore.

I think making it wait for a response of some kind, or at least 30 seconds is appropriate.


@Nate do you know about a short timeout cutoff for Swagger URL downloads?


This is the error we get:

  • Dropsource encountered an unknown error while importing your API. Please contact customer support for assistance.

Now when we try and download the json and import the actual spec file from local computer we get this too:


When reviewing the swaggar in swaggar editor no errors show.

I tested by re-uploading an older swaggar (one that worked) and it also gives us the same unknown error today.


Update on this.

This error persists today when importing the swaggar, but when I review and look for changes that were recently included in the Swaggar, the new ‘events’ (responses) are there…

But every time I try and create an action based on one of the new events, it gives me a ‘critical save error’ and asks me to refresh the page… Android an IOS both

When i try and change other areas of the app it saves fine. Not sure what to do here.

Note: bubble added responses to the auto exported swaggar… 401 403 and a few others. Since then, cant get it imported.


Is there anyone that can provide us with support?

@Dropsource @nate_frechette @Nate


@justincrabbe I apologize for the delay we are looking into this today!


@nate_frechette @wade

Please provide us an update on this time out issue.

I had sent a couple of emails over the week but get no replies.

I dont want to re-import the swaggar to learn it won’t compile anymore so I am holding off.

I know you were working on addressing the timeout issue and in the interim i could provide you with the swaggar file to manually push it through on your end.

Obviously that doesn’t work well in terms of speed.

We also need to update the swaggar file as we develop and sometimes that means 4 or 5 times per day (or more).

It feels like our hands are tied here as we approach a series of new changes and its been over a month without an update on the timeout…


Posting update in case others are following along. This turned into a private discussion based on project particulars.