Farmed App on Play store


Hello to All!

This is my last app made with Dropsource for an Italian Business Consultant Company.
This app is made for the clients of this company and offer the access to Italian financial News, download the monthly newsletter, communication with the various business consultants of the company and access to a reserved area via webview. For now the app is only in italian language
Thanks to Dropsource for this fantastic builder and for all support during the development!


Thanks for sharing! This is a very cool app.


Thank you to you for this fantastic builder!!


Recently downloaded Farmed App from Google Play and it was indeed running smooth on my Google Pixle until I updated to Android 8.0. Now whenever I will open the game it’s simply loading a blank screen and crashing eventually after few seconds. It’s very annoying.

Any help/solution? Thanks in advance.

Regards, 9Apps Cartoon HD


Tagging @Farmed just in case they didn’t see this. They haven’t posted in forum in a long time so it’s perhaps a case of an app becoming outdated in the store @rickrichard786