Facebook login does not redirect to success page


I’m using the “Log User in with Facebook” action to connect to FB and it “properly” calls FB, allowing me to login. But it seems to be doing it all via the web. All resulting in seeing a modal with my FB feed loaded. I’m able to interact with it fully, but at no point does the screen dismiss and return to the app on the page defined for “Successful login”

Can someone help me figure out what I may have done wrong.



Hello Erika,

Good Question. I haven’t retested this in some time.

May I ask if you are testing this using the Web Simulator or a Device Build?

Also in either case, would you share with me a good Build ID for it so I can also look at your implementation?


I’m testing via the web simulator. The device build still throws an error.
Build ID: 1201304951301688390



@erika, We have fixed the issue regarding breaking device builds. Would you build your project for a device and test this out with an actual phone to see if the errors aren’t related at all to the Web Simulator, Please pass me details on what happens if the errors remain. Thanks for your patience in working through this hurdle.