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We are considering moving to Dropsource and my main question is do our published apps in our App Store cease to work if we no longer subscribe to dropsource after the initial subscription is complete?


Hi Tpt,

No they will remain yours forever and can live in the App Store as long as you keep them there. Your paid Dropsource license gains you access to your source code. This has no direct link to Dropsource and there are no “locking” mechanisms built in. We play nice and hope you’ll stick around and continue to build out your app with us.


Excellent, thanks. One final question. Is the $999 per year for access to any project’s source code you create or is that $999 for each application you create?

We have over 20 apps, so 20k is a chunk to access source code for every project we re-create in your platform.

I look forward to you response. Thanks.


Hello tpt,

The source code license is on a per project basis so 20 apps is $999 x 20. It’s an annual fee to give access to the source code for your deployments. If it helps, you can build all you want and you aren’t on the hook to pay until you are ready to deploy your 1st time with the project since you wouldn’t technically need the source code access until then.


Ouch. That’s a deal breaker for me. Seems perfect for 1 or 2 apps but we are talking costs of 20k or more to support what we have on top of dev costs. It immediately sucks out the savings of going to a platform like this vs. native development. Thanks for the information, really appreciate it.


hi @wade So the cost is $999 every year? I’m not a programmer, but I thought I read somewhere in the forum that people download the source code for $999 and they can host it via xcode for ios and also build it further, or something like that. Or is it prohibited due to copy rights infringement?
Please correct me if I am wrong.


Oh no no… that’s the beauty of Dropsource. See, we sell the source code license on a annual term but you’ve purchased the license. It’s yours now. Now you can take the code and run and do whatever you like with it if that’s what you want to do. It’s your app. We add no stopgaps, limitations, or blockers at all on the app we built out based on what you do in the platform. Once that source code hits your computer, it’s all your app and you can continue on in code if you like.


So is the $999/ project a one time payment? I am sorry I am still not clear about the per year basis.


The $999 is an recurring, annual payment per project. If you continue to add features and need the source code to compile and update on the App Store then you will have to pay each year. I love the product but this pricing is cost prohibitive if you have many apps you want to support and develop.


Hey there, I just sent you an email @tpt. In cases like this, we can offer bundled pricing discounts. Happy to discuss with you directly, as this is done on a case-by-case basis.


@hg.hermes.l The $999 source code license is on an annual basis. If you find you no longer need to update your app, you can remove the recurring payment part and never pay again and call your app complete. If you continue to update your app and grow the app with your audience, in a year, you will pay $999 to continue to have access to your source code so that you can update the app and push those updates to the app store.


@wade Understood thank you. So if I pay $999 today, I can still make changes upto a year for no additional cost, but after a year if I want to still make changes then I have to pay $999 for another year.
is that correct?


Yes that’s how it works.


Eventually you will need to update your app however. Some of our apps are close to 5 years old and the SDK is periodically expired where we must generate and submit a fresh .ipa with the latest SDK to keep the app on the App Store (Apple).


You’re correct in that @tpt. Dropsource makes that easy because we handle all that internally so it takes 1 rebuild of the project and your source code has its updates completed. You can always handle it in code if you want to take it on though.