Errors when you Update API on Stoplight


Hi Guys,

Notify you on an issues I discovered with Spotlight.

Whenever I UPDATE an existing Bubble API to a new Version on Stoplight, the updated swagger does not work with on Dropsource. If you test any endpoint say with Postman it works fine.

Always create a new API to avoid wasting time with this issue.


Hi @TimNjeru, could you describe the steps you carried out in Stoplight / Bubble to update the version so that we can reproduce and investigate this?


Hi @sue,

The following is my experience with workflow API created with Bubble.

If you have an existing API in Stoplight, you can update it by clicking Home>> API>> >>New>>Version as per above screenshot. You follow normal Stoplight procedure to import a link or file.

Once you export the swagger file for the updated API, you test your endpoints with Postman and it works fine. But when you update your Dropsource app with the updated API file, API calls from this file wont work.

Let me know if you need more information.


Would you mind sending me the urls or attaching the two versions of your spec to a DM so that I can try to identify the issue?


I have sent via intercom