Error testing my app android



My android app cant be tested.

Status: Failed

Test Configuration: Mobile device

Build Date: 05/19/2020 at 7:07 PM

Build ID: 1262792044466758402

This build was unsuccessful.

Can you helpe me please? This ocurrs constantly


Hi Alex,

I’m digging into it by reaching out to engineering. The only error message I see is “unparsable image”.

If this happen frequently, can you tell me how you solve it from within Dropsource to get a build to complete again?


I post the imatge uploading from my computer to Dropsource.


@alexbc2002, Hey there… I don’t understand what you meant there. If you can provide any more details on what you’re trying to do and what’s happening when you try it, I can help more. Feel free to attach screenshots too if that would help me out too.



Hey the problem is that I tried to test my app but I can’t do it because I have a error, the error is “unfortunable we were unable to build your project”.

That is the error I have when I want to test the project.


Hi Alex, The error I can spot internally is saying “Unparsable Image”. I’m not exactly sure what to do about it so I referred this up to Engineering to have a look and will pass info to you as soon as we solve this internally since there’s not much you can do from your side I believe.

Sorry for the lack of troubleshooting steps just yet but I will pass more info as I receive it.