Error handling and redirecting to internal iOS apps


Good afternoon everyone,

I’m curious if there is a way to redirect a user to the iOS settings of our app. I would like to throw an error(via an alert) if someone hasn’t given permission to access their location. Then have an option in the alert to dismiss or go directly to the location services in iOS settings for the specific app. Is this possible inside of Dropsource or will this have to happen after with Xcode?


Hi Matt,

It is something possible in the code. We do not have that ability setup however. Users sometimes add a page workflow with images describing how to get to the setting in question from the phones home screen to the particular setting. Not the best solution, I agree, but it is what we’re currently capable of.

Here’s a resource describing how it’s done if it’s something you want to implement in your builds prior to deploying each time.


@wade, thanks for that. I have actually read through that stack overflow thread. I was hoping there was a Dropsource function to make this happen. It’s completely cool. I can work this out on my end and possibly add some functionality later in Xcode. If it’s something that requires a ton of work then I will think about adding it. Thanks for the info!


I know it’s not the best answer. It would be a need add-on. Thanks for understanding. If this updates, we’ll put a forum wide post out to clue everyone into the new functionality.


It’s all good my friend. This actually isn’t as simple as it might seem so I understand that it takes some time. It also takes some need. This type of request probably hasn’t been put out there very much so it’s not a huge priority. Thanks for answering my question so quick. I, as well as everyone else in this forum, appreciates it.