Enable back button checkbox in nav bar?


Could not see any effect from this check box in the nab bar propertoes. I was hoping this would change the button text from default (“Action”?) to “Back”, and autocreate a default tapped event for me

If it has a function that I missed, please illumine me!



That property should be working, however, the back button won’t display on the canvas. The back button is added dynamically when you transition to a page with a back button enabled. You will be able to see this functionality when you run your app and test it in Appetize.

Also, make sure the left action item is set to “none” when enable back button is checked.


I don’t see this effect any more.

Is it not working anymore?

When I add the back button, and transition to the page, nothing is different about the nav bar unfortunately.


I think the issue in this whole thing is actually our UI is confusing in this spot.

When you’re naming the Back Button in the style pane… you’re actually naming it for what it will be called in the next page’s Back button. So you need to name the Back Button in the previous page.

It’s not really described or displayed well in our editor I don’t think but that’s how this works to control that naming.