Email Change Request/ Feature Request


Thanks for your response
By The Way, Can you See My Private Message Again?
Thanks for your help


Hi @yuspilelto… Replying to your PM. Thanks for the ping. We’ll get you all set up here. :+1:


Thank you, sir
I’m waiting for next step


I’ve replied. You’re email address has been changed. Feel free to create a new Forum post if there’s a separate issue you would like to address.

Thanks for reaching out and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


I also need to change the email in my account before I purchase please.


Hello Brad… I am seeing this after seeing the email sent. I will respond in a private message so we can get this sorted. Thanks for reaching out Brad!


Sorry i do not even see where I go to see my private messages. I still need to change the email please. Also I was charged twice when I purchased the code. I only purchased the iOS one and got charged the 999 twice in my bank account can you please help with that too?


Also when I click on the link from the email it takes me to this page that says it is no longer available.


@clay . Tap your Profile Photo on this screen and look for the envelope icon… that takes you to private messages. Since we’re talking about account level and payment level things, I want to take this private to protect any info we need to pass back and forth. Sending a reply now.