Email Change Request/ Feature Request


I need to change my email and it seems like something that should be added so this is kinda a feature request too. To my knowledge, there is currently no way to change my dropsource account email. If support would please contact me that would be great. Thank you.


Hi @mackenly.j, I’ve sent you a message via the editor chat.


I need to change my account email.


@chris, I will send you a private message here now to made the update. Thanks for reaching out.


Same here I would like to change my email :slight_smile:


Asger I will message you privately as well.


thanks i appreciate it!


Absolutely. I have your request in and will notify you privately when it has completed on our side.


Same here, I need my email changed please.


John, apologies on the delay. I thought I responded before but maybe never hit send. If you want to private message me here by tapping my name and telling me the old and new emails so that I can put the request in, we can get this completed for you.


I also need to change my email.


I will personal message you