Dynamic list not showing



My app was working as expected and I added in a progress circle, then deleted it and now the old features don’t work as they used to and can’t work out why!

Build ID: 1132221186908245706

If you load the first screen and type in “XJGVAD” then hit submit, it is supposed to return an API call and display the information in the second screen (all nested within a dynamic list tile). This used to work - and enabled me to show some text, and play an audio file, but since adding (and then deleting) the progress circle it isn’t showing anything from the dynamic list tile.

Would really appreciate if someone could take a look and point me in the right direction.



Hi @greg_mosley,

So what I’m seeing here is that the API Request is going out and including the correct bubble constraints parameter value XJGVAD. I don’t think this is related to the progress circle at all and that’s probably a coincidence event here. This looks like an issue with the response Bubble is sending back to the app.

Where it seems to be failing here is that we are indeed receiving a response bad BUT it’s void of any results so there’s nothing to run. You will definitely want to test this call out and ensure the Bubble side is doing its part in responding back with the info you’re expecting is coming back. Currently, it’s sending back a 200 response which is good but it’s empty of any results.

You can also see this on your side of Dropsource if you run the app in Web Simulator and open the Network Activity pane. Here’s the request being sent out with the XJGVAD parameter in place. All looks good here

You’ll see the 200 response is coming back and there are no results in the body of the response.