Dynamic list inside a dynamic pagecontroller (IOS)



I want to create a dynamic page controller that has n number of page controller views. Inside each view, i want to retrieve another dynamic list with a scond api call that is filtering in the database based on the title of the dynamic page view.

I get this: image

I honestly don’t really understand what it means, but i assume, in layman terms, that dynamic lists inside a dynamic page controller is a no no?

Is there a way to get around this because the page controller doesnt allow you do to much on iOS compared to android where you add images to each page view and you can even add a title.

I am using this on menus. so basically i want a page controller that has the different categories, for example the category could be snacks or entrees. And then depending on which page the user is swiping on, say snacks, i can use the page title to make an api call and retrieve a list of the menu items in that given category.

Is this possible?


Yea you can’t nest dynamic elements like this. You’ll want to shift to a new page and it’s own top level dynamic element to populate with a new api responses data.

So for instance you could use a controller to show the categories and then there could be a button to “see the items” and that could send you to a new page with a tableview that populates with the items for that category based on an api call.

So the answer is that a design change is necessary to break apart the api requests and display of responses to their own pages so these are dynamic elements aren’t nested.


This is good information, because i was quite stuck on this!

Just curious, why is that not possible? Is it programatically not possible or is it a dropsource thing? Is that just how swift is built?


Most anything can be coded and there’ll be spots where a no-code solution like Dropsource may be weak in. This is a weak spot for Dropsource.