Dynamic element heights


Dynamic table height and dynamic element height (especially text box rather than a scroll) would be great to have. It would make the content look more pleasing rather than have a huge height text with not much text in it or have a small text box with lots of text filled in it. That way we could have the elements put in order. If there was a button at the end of a huge text box with not much text in it, it looks like there is no button in the page.


Agreed @hg.hermes.l, dynamic sizing elements would add to the polish and user experience when working with dynamic data & elements that support it.

At this time we’re not actively building new feature sets as our engineering team is currently developing the next iteration of the Dropsource platform. We’re taking account these feature requests however during this next iteration phase.


@wade Wow can’t wait. Any idea when the next iteration might come into effect?


We don’t have a date to share just yet but it’s being developed as we speak. More details to follow for sure.

This is when we shared this out. Here’s the post…