Duplicating a project error



I’m trying to duplicate a project but I keep getting an error message saying “Unable to duplicate project, please try again”. Could it be failing due to the size of the project? They are not particularly large, but my smaller projects duplicate no problem.



Hello Paul,

Would you provide a build id for the project so we can take a deeper look?


Hi Wade

Build ID: 1121035845046564680


Still taking a look Paul. Things look fine from what I see. Is this still happening to you. Perhaps just a sanity check, would you logout of Dropsource and log back in and try it.

Do you have a bunch of duplicated project in your account? Have you duplicated this project before in the past? Gathering all the info I can on this as I will most likely have Engineering dig deeper here than I can.


Hey @paul.henriques I don’t know if this is a dropsource server issue or a web browser issue, but in the past I have solved some issues logging out, clearing all the dropsource cookies and then logging in again. I use a little chrome extension for clearing cookies, you can find it here: www.editthiscookie.com
I hope this helps.


Hi, yes, still happening. I’ve logged out and in again, cleared cookies etc. I have a couple duplicated projects. I have duplicated this project in the past. Right now I’m only able to duplicate the smaller sized projects.


Hi @caeroa, thanks for that. Unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem :frowning:
Useful extension though.



OK, it seems I am not now able to duplicate existing projects, large or small. I can create a new one and duplicate that (after zero edits) but no previous project. Have logged out, cleared cahce etc. I am using Chrome Version 74.0.3729.108 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a Mac.


@paul.henriques Based on that last reply here… Are you able to do what you need to now or no still?


Hi, no I’m not. Unable to duplicate any project that I had built before. I need to duplicate an existing project.


Thanks for the update. I’ve reached out to engineering to investigate further than I can. I will report back as soon as I hear something or need any additional info for them. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


I want to follow up with you that I haven’t heard back anything as of yet but I have reached out for any info and guidance. I will report as soon as I hear more. Thank you for your patience, Paul.


@paul.henriques to follow up. I never did hear any additional information the duplicating projects issue. Is this still an issue on your side?


@wade I too am experiencing this issue. I have attempted to duplicate a licensed and free project. Both fail.


Matt, to investigate this, could you tell me a build id for the project you tried duplicating and the date the attempt failed please? Perhaps we can find a common denominator between all these


Hey @wade, when you duplicate a project, it doesn’t give you a build ID. This is when duplicating a project from the main dashboard. I’m attempting to duplicate so that I can have 2 color schemes but this is what happens.


Ah apologies, I asked that wrong.

Can you give me a build id for that specific project that you want to duplicate? As in, open the project and grab a successful build ID. With that I can research and find the Project ID and get engineering to research the error logs and see what’s happening under the hood here.


Hey @wade
Sorry I didn’t quite understand that. Here’s a build ID: 1135953665579484700



Thanks @matt@fertrig, Matt is also having trouble duplicating a project. I’m wondering if this is connected with the issue we saw before with the sub-resource files not being created internally.

The Project ID connected with Matt’s build id is 997128364947677396


Hi @matt and @wade, we have identified a bug when duplicating projects. We are pretty sure this bug is causing duplicating project to fail. Please stay tuned. I’ll post updates here.