Dropsource pricing


Hi, Dropsource team
I want to purchase the App but as I can see as an option it’s only annual plan which costs 999$, before when I purchased it was monthly subscription 49$ and still paying the same in every month, I still want to have monthly subscription is it possible ?!


Hello Vako,

Thanks for reaching out on this. We have since updated our packaging model to an annual subscription model for all new project subscriptions. Projects that were setup on the older monthly model were grandfathered in and remained unchanged but all new subscriptions are based on an annual model.


So as I understand, old plans still stay the same (49 monthly) and if I want to purchase new APPs, need to purchase new plan which is 999$ annually right ?!


Yes sir. As long as you keep the monthly plan active, you will be able to remain in a monthly status with the grandfathered project. In any new projects, an annual plan is required to access the source code and deploy.


My app stopped working because I didn’t continue paying for the monthly plan. Now I don’t even have an app :frowning: As a student I cannot afford the $999 yearly. Is there anyway I can continue paying for the monthly plan on my app built with the older model?


Hi @skyblue23, Coming into the new year, we adjusted our model to an annual license structure. We did allow monthly frequency projects to remain grandfathered in as long as payments continued to keep it active. We no longer have the ability to reinstate projects on a monthly payment frequency however since adjusting to the annual model.


Hi Dropsource,

The new pricing system is a bit of a cold shower to be honest :confused:, monthly payment was suitable for startup and hobbyist.
Any chance you could get back to the premium account again? Alternative native app builder are keeping both options and might be a game changer.

We love Dropsource for its technical and commercial flexibility. Hope we could stay.


Thank you for the feedback. As of now, we don’t have plans to shift back to the prior model but we are keeping track of the sentiment of our Developer Community.

I appreciate you sharing this with me.