Dropsource Map App Not Working


https://help.dropsource.com/docs/tutorials/using-native-functionality/show-directions-in-the-maps-app/ This link, which lays out how to show directions is not working. It just shows longitude and latitude in both fields, with Google maps stating, “Can’t find a way there”. It seems like it should take a string, to pass an address too. Need assistance.


Hi Chris, The space in between isn’t the issue. I just tested on my side.

What are start and end lat/lon that you’re using? I’ll test with the same data you’re trying it with.


They aren’t the exact same lat/lon for the start and end point are they? The picture here suggests that. If so, I completely would assume Google doesn’t have any directions to take you to the same place you started :crazy_face:


That’s why I deleted the post. :zipper_mouth_face:


No need to feel ashamed. We are a community. Talking about it solved it regardless of the issue.