Developing a chat app with Dropsource and Backendless (Demo and Overview)


Hey guys, I have been working on a chat app, mostly to learn about capabilities of Dropsource and to see how to integrate a backend such as Backendless with the system. I recorded a video demonstrating the app and in it I also reviewed all the “moving parts” so you can see how I went about solving various use-cases. You can watch the video below:

I hope you will find it useful. Please let me know if you need more info/details on anything that might not be clear here.

Here’s a link to the latest build of the app:



This is amazing, thanks Mark! Another app pushing the boundaries of what Dropsource capable of and some more super-valuable Backendless APIs for mobile use cases, looking forward to trying some of those out. It was interesting to see your logic builder in action too, I haven’t explored that much yet but it looks like it gives you a lot of control while being low barrier to learn… :rocket:

In all honesty this is a lot closer to a fully functional chat app than I thought we would be able to build right now - as you said, if we had realtime functionality that would push this even further.

Nice trick with the scroll offset as well, I did not know if that would work - we’re hoping to have arithmetic functionality in the platform within the next few weeks so that’ll no longer require an API call. The actions are still in development and testing but I’ve been able to try them and they worked great. Having the ability to carry out basic math and string processing is going to open up so many more use cases for us, I can’t wait to see what our community members come up with once these are available.

Some great tips in here - thoroughly recommended watching for anyone who’s learning Dropsource or trying to get a handle on what you can do…! :clapper: :fireworks:


Thank you @markpiller for sharing your success. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this work for awhile and this seems promising. This is a huge step in the right direction and your video is incredibly helpful. Have you had any success getting the chat bubbles to dynamically resize if a message is more than one line in height?


Hi @jparker. Thank you, I am glad you found it useful. I played with the dynamic resizing of the chat bubbles, however, it was getting overly complex. I think It will be much easier though when Dropsource introduces support for string management functions.