Deploying Android App Updates


Dropsource Community,

I have made those deployment guides for iOS and Android but I don’t cover App Updates. I think I want to add that as it would value the whole community.

I have a thought to see if we as a group can compile the steps and acknowledge places that are easily confusing in the process. Since you’re doing it often, I bet you have more insight on the process and confusion points.

What is your process from Dropsource to the Android Playstore when it comes to deploying your updated app builds? I’ll compile all the bits, and make a doc out of it.

First time trying to make a doc directly from our community input so this is a bit of an experiment but I want to see how it works. If successful, we could do this more moving forward.

Feel free to give your breakdowns, or even tips and screenshots are always helpful. You are the ones constantly deploying so I bet there’s a few pitfalls as well along the path I need to make sure is included in the documentation for it.