Delete Media Files


Hello again! :wave:

A simple feature I’m missing when creating is the ability to delete media files from your server that I don’t want to be part of final app.


Hey Sergio, this is a planned feature request, and I know the media can become difficult to manage… In the meantime if you let us know what you need deleted via the chat in the editor our developers can remove them from the backend, at least that would clean your project up for now.


Great to know that! Thank you! :+1:


Hi there.

What’s the status on this feature request? Just getting started on production and realizing I can’t keep my media folder clean is a headache from the jump.

Thanks for your time on this note!



Agreed, this should be a day 1 feature :confused:


Would love to see this soon.


One year after this topic opens, how its goin on on this today?


Hi @sue
Why this request isn’t available yet !!!


Hi @sue. Is the option of us sending you the images that we want deleted still available? The reason I ask is because I noticed that my app was 5mb. Now that I added a whole bunch of images, my app is 14mb. I changed the way I do things and no longer need the images (the are no longer referenced), but the app is still 14mb. I did not add any more pages, so it can’t be that. I am assuming that the app includes all the uploaded media, whether it is used or not.

Could you please let me know how these can be deleted (maybe an email to you)?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Theo, I will message you. I reached out to engineering to see if we can do this internally for you.


Hey @wade. Appreciate the help.


Could we have this as a permanent feature instead of always having to get engineering to internally delete files for developers?


I agree that we need to have a process for this that you can handle instead of it being a manual operation. Other items are ahead of this currently though.


To finish this out, I’ve been informed we cannot remove assets due to the event handler and how it works but if you do not use an asset in your project at all, it shouldn’t be included in the app build when you build the project.