Create Email Error [Solved]


Hi everyone,
I am trying to utilize the Create Email function in my app.
My email parameter is taken from a selected dropdown list option.
When I initiate this function, the app opens up my default mail - however an error toast pops up stating ‘Some email address are invalid’
Not sure where i am going wrong. Any advice would be great
Thanks for your help


Figured out where i was going wrong.
Very simple mistake - had selected the incorrect property for the drop down


Thanks for following up. Yea often times the hurdle is in a small detail. Good job catching it.


Hi everyone!

From last week I am getting an error which is my AOL mail on android not working. I am getting frustrated as I have to execute a huge process to make it instantly accessible or else the account is getting automatically accessible but after a long time. So if there any possibility to make it an error-free App. I need a permanent solution. I did the same thing as their suggestion in that article. But a sad case that then after it did not happen. You can check that too for your reference.


Hi @johanmorris121212 I’ll try to help but I didn’t understand any of that description. Can you help me out and try again. Break down the needs and issues, maybe show show some photos of the workflow or the issue and if you have a breaking app build, what’s the build id and I can go look at the source code and see if I can provide any clues.