Crash when using 400: Workflow failure event



I am using a bubble api (user login). I am able to successfully call the api to log the user in but when I try to manage errors via 400 Workflow failure event, I get a crash message when I try to test. I tried not showing alert dialog and just used a go to page event and I am still getting a crash( My drop source app has crashed)

Can can we find the logs corresponding to crash.


@ssksubash 1 tool that’s useful in these situations can be the Network Activity Log that sits alongside the simulator. You can see if you’re getting the 400 error to come in as expected.

Other areas to clue in on crashes is to download the source and run in Xcode or Android Studio respectively and locate more information on the specific error.

If you’d like to supply a Build ID here and instructions to generate the crash, I’m happy to test it out as well and see if I can uncover any further guidance as well.


Was able to fix the crash by following the drop source help instructions



@ssksubash great work with the troubleshooting.

Happy Holidays!