Couldn't download my project file


I’m a new user here and I built my first to-do list app but I couldn’t download my project file for free. You guys may say “why won’t you pay?”, I can’t pay because I live in Ethiopia and here digital payment system isn’t accessible. So what can I do now? I’m currently on a testing phase of another app which is on a deadline for some competition. Please your help will be great. Thank You!


Hello @abenezerephrem551,

Thanks for reaching out. So developing and testing your app is free. You can run your app on your device and simulators to make sure it’s working successfully.

When it comes time to download the source code so you can upload it in the App/Play Store, that’s where a license is required and you’ll need to secure that through a digital means. There really isn’t another way around it as we can’t handle cash payments., In-platform digital transacting is how we receive payment as well as deliver the license.