Could I create on Dropsource user roles


Hi guys,
I am just seeing what kind of features do you have, because we are looking for a builder like this, but I was wondering if you have user roles on the main login like already designed for the editor.
thanks for your time.


Hello @desarrollo,

I might need a bit more clarification. Are you referring to multiple users on 1 login here and setting their roles? If so, we don’t have a “teams” portion setup quite yet.


I mean the user who has a role. Like roles like admin, accounting, sales, etc.


@desarrollo, wouldn’t the roles be enforced by the backend? A role is typically determined as a result of the user’s authentication (login). Once logged in, a user should be authorized to perform a particular operation for fetching or creating/updating/deleting data, which would be the server-side function.


I’m in the same thinking. It can be a part of the user model in the backend. Test against the value and do whatever you want in the app accordingly for the use case.